At Orange Lining, we believe that every day is a gift and Every Child is a Hero™. Our mission is to create high quality children’s blankets and accessories that comfortinspire, and empower children so they can celebrate the unique and vibrant light that they bring into this world.

We use only the highest quality materials to provide endless comfort. We line many of our products in touches of orange to inspire children to line their own lives with the many beautiful things that the color orange represents—curiosity, joy, creativity, and fascination. And we design with creative, hidden purpose to empower children to chase big adventures.


Orange Lining was inspired by our founder Ryan’s nephew, godson, and namesake, Ryder Gordon Brown. Ryder lived every moment of his life with the joy, passion, and brightness that his favorite color Orange represents—and he inspired everyone around him to do the same.

Ryder was a hero every day of his life, but perhaps none more than when he fought like a warrior after he fell suddenly ill and ended up in the ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital for three weeks. Ryder tragically died at the age of three on January 18, 2015.

Ryan started Orange Lining in Ryder’s honor to remind us that every day is a gift and inspire us to seek out the Orange Lining in life—to cherish the laughter, love, and adventures that await us at every turn.

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Painting Credit: Odin Smith