Finding the Orange Lining for Ryder

Orange Lining was founded in honor of Ryder Gordon Brown.
A vibrant, joyous little boy who got his angel wings at the age of 3.

Ryan Gordon Brown
Ryan Gordon Brown

Ryder Gordon Brown was born in NYC on December 4, 2011 to Alison and Jason
Brown. He was the most vibrant, colorful kid who fully immersed himself in everything
he did – from learning at his school, reading books, swimming, visiting the library,
playing with dinosaurs, making friends everywhere he went, playing with his little
brother Griffin and being with his family. Ryder loved life and adored his family.

On December 28, 2014, Ryder, who was a perfectly healthy little boy, came down with what we
thought was a typical holiday-time cold. After visiting the doctor, it was discovered that he had
pneumonia & he was moved to Boston Children’s Hospital. The pneumonia escalated quickly &
within 24 hours, Ryder was put in a medically induced coma & moved to the PICU (pediatric
intensive care unit) at BCH. For the next 3 weeks, the BCH team did everything medically possible
to help Ryder’s lungs heal and get his body strong as family & friends prayed endlessly. All that
Ryder’s mom Ali and dad Jason wanted was to see their brown-eyed boy open his eyes again. But Ryder’s little body was not able to recover & in the early hours of Sunday, January 18th Ryder died surrounded by his parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles while his dad read him one of his favorite books “The Shape of My Heart.”

Ryder’s favorite color was orange & he lived every single moment of his life with all of the
brightness, curiosity, and tenacity represented by the color. After Ryder died orange became
extremely meaningful & symbolic for our family. During his services the church was filed with a sea
of orange. The children’s garden that was erected at the Larchmont Public Library in Ryder’s honor
was built with a giant orange rubber tire in the center. Many of us have felt his presence in the
form of orange balloons & ribbons found at our doorsteps & orange butterflies & birds crossing our
paths. Ryder’s love for orange and the perspective our family gained through his tragic death is
what inspired the idea of ‘finding the Orange Lining’ in life – seeking the joy. brightness and
beauty in life even when you face the unimaginable.