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nominate a hero
Every Child is a Hero™

At Orange Lining we believe that acts of heroism of all shapes and sizes deserve to be celebrated. From the DETERMINATION your little one musters up to take those first steps to heartfelt KINDNESS your child shows to a classmate sitting alone or the COURAGE it takes for a child to bravely face a disability or life changing diagnosis.

We want to know about the HERO in your life! Throughout the year, we will select Orange Lining HEROes who have shown what it means to ‘find the orange lining’ in life– to seek the laughter, smiles, joy and adventures that this world has to offer despite the challenges they have had to face.

Every Orange Lining HERO will receive a customized HERO Blanket & Crown. In addition, we will share their story with the Orange Lining community to celebrate their strength and inspire others to believe in finding the Orange Lining in life.

To nominate a HERO please provide the following information:

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    Please note that before confirming the selection of a nominee as an Orange Lining HERO, their parent or legal guardian must agree to the public use of their photo, first name and/or story in Orange Lining marketing including email campaigns, social media posts and the Find the Orange Lining blog. If the parents or legal guardian prefer for the child’s photo not to be used, we will use an image of the donated HERO Blanket with the child’s name monogrammed.