One Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket = up to 150 healthy meals for kids

We have teamed up with the talented Lemon Stripes to design the limited edition ‘Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket’ celebrating the superpower of Gratitude & helping in the fight to end childhood hunger. For every ‘Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket’ sold through January 31st, $15 will be donated to No Kid Hungry, which can provide up to 150 healthy meals for kids in the US.

Why We Love this Collaboration?

First & foremost, Julia of Lemon Stripes made it clear right from the start that her portion of the collaboration was going 100% to charity.  Julia feels passionately that there is not enough being done about childhood hunger in our own backyard — and we could not agree more. It is because of Julia’s huge heart & generosity that we are able to make such a big difference for kids in the US who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Second, but certainly no less incredible, Julia’s style is impeccable & it was such a joy to work with her to bring this beautiful design to life. Equal parts fun & classy, just like Julia & her adorable ‘Super A’ (a.k.a. Amalia)

Why Gratitude? 

Practicing gratitude is SO powerful & something that Julia is focused on teaching everyday to herself & her daughter. And, we are right there with her. That is why we worked with Julia to create an inspiring new Gratitude Superpower card to gift with your HERO Blanket.