One Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket = up to 50 healthy meals for kids

We have teamed up with the talented Lemon Stripes to design the limited edition ‘Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket’ celebrating the superpower of Gratitude. Every ‘Lemon Stripes HERO Blanket’ sale supports our Buy a Blanket. Be a HERO project. In light of the recent school closures we are reinstating our giveback to No Kid Hungry. For every HERO Blanket sale, $5 will be donated to no Kid Hungry, which equals up to 50 healthy meals for kids. Something that is that much more important for those families that rely on school meals.

Why We Love this Collaboration?

First & foremost, Julia of Lemon Stripes made it clear right from the start that her portion of the collaboration was going 100% to charity.

Second, but certainly no less incredible, Julia’s style is impeccable & it was such a joy to work with her to bring this beautiful design to life. Equal parts fun & classy, just like Julia & her adorable ‘Super A’ (a.k.a. Amalia)

Why Gratitude? 

Practicing gratitude is SO powerful & something that Julia is focused on teaching everyday to herself & her daughter. And, we are right there with her. That is why we worked with Julia to create an inspiring new Gratitude Superpower card to gift with your HERO Blanket.